A community for those who seek perspectives on wealth management from successful peers.



Members ask questions and share advice on all major areas of high-net-worth personal finance. Depending on the subject, members share specific opportunities and review service providers:

Trust | Legacy | Estate

Defining objectives, setting strategy, and executing tactics for multi-generational wealth preservation and utilization.

Tax & Retirement

Optimizing asset classes, corporate structures, personal account structures, and responses to political and market developments.


Rooting philanthropy in the context of a personal financial plan, setting goals, selecting recipients, and evaluating results.

Asset Allocation

Crafting the blend of asset classes and leverage across an entire portfolio to align with personal goals and risk tolerance.

Stocks & Bonds

Evaluating the expected returns, volatility, and correlation of individual securities, funds, and classes of securities.

Real Estate

Acquiring, managing, and selling primary residences, vacation homes, rental properties, commercial properties, and land.

Alternative Assets

Finding and evaluating opportunities in private equity, VC, angel, crypto, commodities, collectibles, and other assets.


Understanding and purchasing life, disability, umbrella, auto, real estate, D&O, health, Lloyd’s and other types of insurance.

Private Businesses

Starting, growing, operating, and selling private businesses; key issues include cash management and HR.

Career & Boards

Exploring and negotiating opportunities for executive advancement, post-liquidity careers, and board service.

Budget Planning

Measuring and analyzing expenses and income streams; aligning spending with priorities; scenario-planning major changes.


Harnessing wealth as a tool; realize personal goals, instill values, create meaning, and make a lasting social impact.

About Our Community

Long Angle is for those who seek perspectives from like-minded peers to better manage their wealth. Having achieved distinctive success, our members navigate a different personal finance landscape from most investors. The Long Angle community of entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and investors help each other achieve more.


Apply for Membership

Prospective members commit to active participation in the community, treating all information with discretion, and avoiding any form of solicitation. The majority of the community is based on referrals. However, Long Angle welcomes membership applications from any candidates whose investable assets exceed $2.1 million.