Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal in founding Long Angle was to build a value-add community for ourselves. Our primary rewards (financial and otherwise) come from learning, making connections, improving decisions in our own financial lives, and getting access to exceptional deals.

The only revenue we collect is a small management fee and carry on those deals where we set up an SPV for the community to invest collaboratively. These fees only partly offset the cost of organizing SPV’s and running the community.

Most members come via a referral, but that is not a requirement. A community organizer will hold a brief Zoom call with every potential member before they join, to make sure it’s a fit.

In addition, we validate that all members are either Qualified Clients or Qualified Purchasers: $2.2M+ or $5M+ in investable assets. Assets do not have to be liquid; all assets except equity in your primary residence counts. Validation is in the form of an accountant letter, brokerage statement cover sheet(s), or similar.

We welcome all personal and professional backgrounds. Our community mission is to learn from peers and benefit from the wisdom of a (highly successful) crowd. We believe that there is a lot more potential for learning and gaining wisdom from a diverse member base. Diversity includes geography, professional experience, age, gender, investment objectives, investment style, etc.

As much or as little as you like. We are excited for members to share recommendations, post on the discussion board, vote in polls, join monthly Zoom calls, share deals, and participate in SPV’s. But, some members participate in just one or two of these elements, and that is fine.

The hard-and-fast rules are: (1) confidentiality, (2) no politics (3) no soliciting clients and (4) no promoting deals in which you have a conflict of interest.

The community was founded by two entrepreneurs who had a significant liquidity event and were looking for a space where we could get unbiased advice and have conversations about personal finance with others in the same situation.

You can leave at any time. We will delete your profile and (unless you tell us not to) all posts and comments you have made on the discussion board.

We (Long Angle organizers, members, etc.) are not your fiduciaries, nor your accountant, attorney, RIA, wealth manager, mortgage broker, insurance broker, etc. It is your responsibility to interpret and evaluate any information you find on Long Angle; it does not constitute tax, legal or other financial advice. You should conduct your own research and consult your independent professional advisors before making any decisions.